Upgrade your website’s PHP to improve speed, security and compatibility

At the beginning of every new year, there are items on the Must Do list. For 2019, one of those items is upgrading PHP. Why? Because it will improve your website’s speed, security and compatibility. PHP is a scripting language that is used to run dynamic websites – 78% of all the websites on the internet use PHP.  We are here to support you through this process.

How will upgrading PHP improve your website?

In a nutshell: speed, security and compatibility. Benchmarks show that the latest version of PHP 7 can run significantly faster than PHP 5.6 (the most prevalent version) and handle more requests per second. What this means is that your website will load faster and handle more traffic.

Why upgrade to the latest version of PHP 7 now?

By upgrading now, rather than when the upgrade is rolled out later this year, we can test if your website works on the latest version of PHP 7, and have time to make any fixes or adjustments necessary while the older versions still have support.

Some older CMS or websites – particularly those that have been custom developed – may not support the newer versions of PHP.  Compatibility issues like your site not working properly, or some parts of it not rendering correctly, could arise if the latest version of PHP isn’t supported. If this happens, we can roll back to the previous version and make any necessary fixes. The more time you give us to fix these issues, the less stressful it will be. If you know your site is running an older CMS, or you haven’t done significant upgrades in the last few years, look at this as the perfect opportunity to improve your website’s performance and security. Especially now that there’s a deadline in place: the second half of 2019.

Add it to your Must Do list!

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