In order to self-install

You will need to be familiar with downloading and installing software already. If you are not, there is a manual that can be downloaded and used. If you are uncertain, it will be best to have a professional help you to install CA Online Backup online backup, if you don’t install and configure your settings properly you may not backup your data properly.

Quick Notes:

  • Download the file (link provided below)
  • Install (run the file)
  • Login (using the information below)
  • Configure settings and files you would like to backup
  • Once the settings are configured/ files selected to backup, the software will automatically backup every day
  • It is imperative to ensure the first backup goes through successfully as it will not be able to run the automatic backup every day until/ unless the first backup/ files have been uploaded and can be synced. Where large files are backed-up there is no ‘part backup’, a file is either backed-up properly or not, if only half of the file is backed-up the file is not usable. Smaller files are quick to upload and run less risk.