Can you afford to not backup your information (personal/ work)?

Licence Fee + 3GB (per user) R 50
Additional Data Storage 1 - 10GB (Per GB) R 9
Additional Data Storage 11 - 75GB (Per GB) R 8
Additional Data Storage 76 - 150GB (Per GB) R 7
Additional Data Storage 151+GB (Per GB) R 6

: The solution is based on quick & easy self-install keeping costs down, empowering you to understand more and ensure your data is protected and backed-up. If you do require onsite help, we can assist via online assistance and/ or get a trusted IT vendor to assist (all onsite assistance is billed at an hourly rate).

License Fee: There are no license fees payable.

Monthly: Only the data that is encrypted and hosted by the backup solution is charged. Pricing on the hosted data is in price bands and as quantity increases, the per GB monthly amount decreases.