How To Order

Ordering is a quick and easy process

Simply download the application form and order the service. If you are unsure and would like more information, please send us an enquiry.

Some items to be aware of before ordering this service:

  • It is vital that your computer document files are neatly organised and ready prior to backing-up. Are you on a capped ADSL service?
  • The first backup will ‘push’ all your data to the server, using your ADSL data. Once the first backup is complete, only changes are sent.
  • Roughly how much data would you like to back up?
  • Online back-up does not replace existing onsite back-ups that are in place, it is for business essentials and offsite.
  • Knowing how much you would like to backup is important for your cost.
  • Are you going to do a self-install or would you like an expert to assist you onsite?