What is a shortcode?

Shortcodes are 5 digit mobile numbers that can be used to send and receive SMS messages. The most common uses are for marketing campaigns such as SMS-to-win promotions or voting campaigns, but they can also be used as information services (for example, SMS "NEWS" to 44322). 

With endless possibilities, Shortcodes enable a two way communication channel between you and your clients!
They can be once off campaigns, for example:

  • SMS-to-win: SMS "Meal" to 44322 to win a free meal
  • Informational: SMS "Movies Tonight" to 44322 to get a list of tonight's movies
  • Giveaways: SMS "Happy Hour" to 44322 to get a free drink

They can also be used for ongoing relationship marketing, for example:

  • SMS "Weekend events" to 44322 to receive weekly updates on who's playing
  • SMS "Specials" to 44322 to receive discounted offers

 We make mobile marketing easy by allowing you to rent keywords on our shortcode.

Did you know?  "The open rate for a SMS is 95% and email 20%"

How does it work? 

Dream of your campaign. Then get your Bulk Sender account today, and we’ll see if your chosen keyword is available on our shortcode. If it is - rent it for a month or longer, depending on whether you're doing a short term mobile campaign or intend to use it as an ongoing communication channel.

When you rent the keyword, we'll create a list in your account with the same name as your keyword. Anyone texting to that keyword will have their mobile number added to that list. This makes it easy for you to select a winner from a list, should you be running a promotion.

If you're using it for relationship marketing, send text campaigns to members of that list on a regular basis. Mobile marketing has a 95% open rate (compared to 15-20% for email) - as reported by Jupiter Research and Neustar - and engagement is significantly higher in the mobile environment.

BUT SMS campaigns are just the start!

SMSs limit you to 160 characters. You can use Bulk Sender's mobile site builder to send mobile coupons and unlimited information to you clients, by pushing them to your mobile sites via a link inside a text message.