Google Adwords

AdWordsOptimising the use and benefit of any technology is key. Yes anyone can advertise using Google AdWords but are you getting the most clicks for you money?

Are you targeting the right demographics (area and age /interests)?

Does your advertising tie back into your website/online strategy to ensure your viewers have a positive and easy experience with your brand? 

Google often makes changes to their algorithms which affects the search results. Google has recently made a change to the AdWords results which has affected how the results are displayed. Previously, the AdWords ads would display above the search results, to the right of the search results and beneath the search results - this meant there were 10 possible positions for your ad to be displayed in. Since the change, there are only 7 possible positions for your ad to be displayed in. Google has done away with the ads on the right-hand side of the search results and now only displays the ads above and below the search results. There is a maximum allocation of 4 ad spots above the search results and 3 ad spots below the search results. 


We charge a flat management fee (R419.00 per month or 15%, whichever is the greater) and your full budget goes on your pay per click advertising.

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