When  looking for a web hosting provider, one of the first things you often have to consider is what operating system the server will run. If you already have a preference, then we recommend you stick with it. We offer both Microsoft and Linux Platforms as hosting options. Please do check out our pricing on both Linux and Microsoft pricing packages. We have also include some information, not trying to convince you to change to either or platform but to explain the differences.

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Linux is more popular than Windows hosting. Linux supports PHP natively and most of your free softwares are PHP. Since Linux-based hosting is more popular, it has more of the features web designers expect. So unless you have websites which need specific Windows applications, Linux is the preferred choice.

One of the biggest differences between the Linux and Windows servers is security. Linux is built much more secure than Windows servers. From the offset, the root level is not available to most programs without permission. Also, it is much easier to control URL structure in Linux, which is important for search engine rankings.

If you're going to run a dynamically driven website, then you'll want a database. The two most popular are mySQL and Access. mySQL runs on both Linux and Windows, but is more often found on Linux servers. Access is only available for Windows.

Security is very important to your web host. Many people will argue that Windows servers have more vulnerabilities than Linux servers, but the reality is that they both have security problems.

Security is more important at hosting service's administration level than it is at operating system level. If you have good administrators, your server will be more secure - regardless of Operating System.

The Bottom Line
The differences between operating systems is much less than you might think. We would recommend, when choosing a hosting server you find one that has the options you want, rather than worrying about what operating system they are running on the backend.
Writing Your Pages
Both Windows and Linux servers will serve HTML pages and JavaScript. Typically, Windows servers use files named *.htm while Linux servers use files named *.html, but there is no real difference between these names, just what you prefer. FrontPage extensions are often cited as the reason to use a Windows server but there are Linux servers that offer this service as well.
Accessing the Server
The first difference that most people notice with web hosting operating systems is how to access the server. Both Windows and Linux offer FTP access to files, but only Linux will generally offer telnet or ssh access (it's possible to set-up telnet access on Windows, but very few hosting administrators offer it. FTP is a way of transferring your files from your hard drive to your web server. Telnet and SSH are a way to open a window directly on the web server and manipulate files right there, usually using Unix command line commands).
Nitty Gritty's
Should your hosting company and website developer not be from the same company. Please be aware that the responsibilities lie with the developer and hosting alone is the responsibility of the hoster. Software installations and any ongoing maintenance is not the responsibility of the hosting company and will be billed or quoted separately.

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