How does Fibre differ from ADSL?

ADSL is reliant on existing copper wire infrastructure which is most often unreliable and offers speeds of around 2 - 10mbps. Fibre, however, uses flexible glass fibres to transmit data at incredible speeds, allowing users to achieve speeds of up to 1000mbps!

Do I need a voice line/number from Telkom?

Certainly not! Fibre is completely independent of a bundled voice line making the great alternative to ADSL.

Do I need a different router/modem?

Each Fibre provider has different requirements so in most cases yes. Come Alive will advise you what you need to do on a suburb by suburb basis and will supply Fibre compatible routers in the setup fees.

Wireless Speeds?

It is important to note that wireless speeds are governed by the capabilities of the wireless router used as well as the device(s) connecting to the router.

What do I need to get up and running?

Fibre needs to have been installed outside your boundary wall (Provider and suburb specific). Fibre needs to run from your boundary wall to the inside of your home or business and connected to a CPE (or similar) device. You also need a WAN enabled wireless router. Come Alive provides this for free on certain packages. Contact us if you are unsure about any detail!

How do I get a free router?

We offer free routers on all our Telkom fibre packages. Please note that should you cancel your fibre service within 6 months of receiving the free router, you will be charged for the full price of the router.

Upgrading, downgrading or cancelling?

You may upgrade or downgrade at any time, but please note such changes may incur a small re-grade fee.