Fibre Overview

Month to Month Fibre – A First in South Africa

Come Alive is pleased to announce their Fibre packages are now month to month. A first in South Africa and the perfect solution for any home or business user without the burden of a 24 or 36-month contract.

Before signing up for fibre with other providers, ask the following:

  • Am I locked into a contracted term? (We certainly don’t)
  • Do I get a free router or am I being charged for it? (We provide one)
  • Am I just a number or treated as a person? (We believe in you, not numbers)

Is fibre the answer?

First of all, Fibre is much faster than traditional ADSL products, it's cheaper and is more reliable. For Come Alive to provide the service, you need a fibre provider to lay fibre cable on the boundary of your house or office. We have partnered with several fibre providers who are quickly providing coverage for several areas throughout South Africa.

So what's all the fuss about?

Let's be honest South Africa, we have all had bad experiences with fixed and wireless broadband in the past. From exchange congestion on ADSL to horrible wireless connectivity, you've seen it all. Thankfully, those days are now a thing of the past. 

Little to No buffering!

Fibre means that your internet activity travels across a fibre optic cable which runs directly into your house or business. It's much faster than ADSL which currently runs over Telkom's old copper infrastructure which has been long used as the basic connection solution for telephone calls and internet access in South Africa.

Simple Billing!

No longer will you be charged for line rentals and data usage. You now have the ability to get faster more reliable internet and free yourself of your Telkom voice line! You will receive fast internet with a single billed line item, what more can you ask for?

INTERESTED? Why not check to see if Fibre is available in your area using this self-help checker.

AVAILABLE in your area? Contact us and let us process your application for you.